The Wedding of Juan Pablo Nunez and Suzette Virginia Diaz, 10/10/10

When we first met Suzie and Juan we thought they were a real nice couple.  Then we shot their engagement photos (check them out on our blog entry “Up, Up, and Away with Juan and Suzie”), and we really got to know Juan and Suzie.  These guys know how to fly high (pun intended). LOL!  As the captain of a 737-400 commercial jet liner, often flying around the Miami Heat Basketball Team, no less, Juan is by definition a cool cat; but put him together with Suzie, and you have the makings of a super cool couple and the potential for the best time you’ve ever had photographing people. 
Well that was then and now we have new fun things to report.  Juan and Suzie were married on Saturday, October 10, 2010, at the Coral Gables Presbyterian Church, located on the corner of University Drive, Granada Blvd., and Bird Road, in Coral Gables, Florida, a very beautiful church I must add; and later celebrated their Wedding reception at the Coral Gables Women’s Club in Coral Gables.  And what more can I say about Juan and Suzie?  They were true to form as you’ll see in their photos (we posted my favorites here). 

Juan, our Groom, getting groomed at Razzle Dazzle in Coral Gables, Florida. 10/10/10

Juan Started out the day with a close shave at Razzle Dazzle in Coral Gables, a 1940’s style Barber Shop that has everything going for it, especially the “Sugar” (you’ll have to visit the place and tell them George sent you to find out about the “Sugar” guys).  I usually suggest the Barber shop as a perfect way to start getting ready for the big day to the grooms.  It’s the perfect was to chill out for a while, calm the nerves, so far, never had a complaint.  Juan proved no different and he was a cool cat, even in the barber’s chair, with his shades on.

Cool Shades Juan, as you enjoy a hot towel.

 Suzie was gracious, stunningly beautiful and so peaceful.  She’s the perfect bride.  Suzie, you should consider having “Brides-To-Be” seminars on “How to Always Keep Your Composure, Do All Your Planning, Get Everything Done Perfectly Right and Have Fun At It While Doing It.”  You’ll make a fortune at it, trust me, and photographers and all other vendors will love you for it too.  NO MORE BRIDEZILLAS!  This is because that is exactly what you did. 

Suzie's hair and makeup pre-wedding at her home.

You were a dream to hang out with on your wedding day for your pre-wedding session.  Your poise and personality shone like a search light. 

Suzie with her Flower Girl and Ring Boy on the day of her Wedding

What a wonderful time we had photographing you both at home and later in the Rolls and at the church, in the streets of Coral Gables and at your reception. 

Suzie with her Bride's Maids.

Each one separately are a joy to hang out with and photographing them is even more fun; but put them together and you have just raised the equation exponentially.  Here is one time that 1 plus 1 do not equal 2, but rather a solid 10.  Together they are a riot.  They were emotional and touching, generous, thoughtful, kind, loving, like kids in a candy store fun. 
If this is any sign of how the two of you carry on during the marriage, I will be seeking your counsel my friends.  Anyhow, enough with the chit chat, photos say a thousand words and they do it better too.
Thank you Juan and Suzie for being the great folks that you are and the spectacular couple that you have become.  May God always bless your marriage and may you be a blessing to others as much as you have been to us.   Enjoy!
George A. Fiad, Sr.

Suzie and Mom, arriving at the ChurchThe Wedding of Juan and Suzie, 10/10/10


Juan Pablo Nunez and Suzette Virginia Diaz 10/10/10


Juan and Suzie 10/10/10


Juan and Suzie, 10/10/10


A toast in front of the Church after the ceremomy. Suzie and Juan, 10/10/10


Suzie and Juan, 10/10/10


Juan and Suzie, Coral Gables, FL 10/10/10


Juan and Suzie, Coral Gables, FL 10/10/10


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 Simply beautiful guys.   
Oh! Wait.  I almost forgot my favorite shot! 

Suzie, I have to admit, your wild side is so much fun! Coral Gables, FL 10/10/10

 No, really Suzie is the quiet one of the pair. 
Love you guys!
 All Photographs and copy are (C) by George A. Fiad, Sr., &
Miami, Florida  33173, United States

~ by Fiad Photography on August 6, 2011.

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