A Portrait Gift Keeps on Giving Forever.

By George A. Fiad, Sr., Miami, Florida 12-3-2010.

FIRST:  A personal Invitation to all my friends, family and clientele, past, present and future. 

An invitation from FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY to enjoy the wonders of a Professional Portrait for yourself and your family this Holiday Season.


A “Portrait” is not a simple snap shot taken with your camera of a person or a group of persons.  A real portraits is a painting, a photograph or a sculpture which renders an artistic representation of the person who is the subject of the portrait.  In a real portrait, the face and its expression is predominant with the artist’s intention being to display the likeness, personality and even the mood of the subject or subjects.  A photographic portrait is a carefully composed image of a person in a still position and often shows the subject looking or facing directly at the camera, thereby engaging you with the  subject through  the lens and camera and therefore rendering to the viewer a true rendition of who really is the subject of the portrait.

Portraits are designed to transcend and travel through time.  The  oldest

A portrait of the Fiad twins during their First Birthday last month.

known portrait, discovered in 2006 in the  Vilhonneur grotto near Angoulême and is thought to be 27,000 years old.  Indeed, most portraits become family heirlooms with the likeness and personality of the family member no longer with us captured for all time.  Portrait Photography is the greatest legacy one can leave one’s loved ones and the greatest treasure a family can have to rediscover and get to know those that are no longer with us. 

The essence of Leopold Alexander Fiad (July 21,1986 - November 7, 2006), clearly visible in this ad hoc, on location, portrait, shot on campus of the University of Miami in July 2006.

For the obvious reasons stated above, and the fact that a photographic portraiture may be the closest thing many of us will ever come to having our likeness and personally immortally preserved for generations to come, much like the artist’s paintings, requires us to take notice of who the artist behind the camera is that will be taking your portrait and how a professionally made photographic portrait can become your own home’s centerpiece work of art, worth more than any other item in the home in terms of sentimental value, esthetic beauty and true capture of the essence of the subject of the portrait through the eyes of the professional photographer.  Like many of the great artist through time, the portrait photographer literally uses light to paint the canvas we know as either the film negative or digital file.  In fact with today’s digital captures, and the use of Adobe’s Photoshop, a benchmark in the highest capabilities for manipulation of digital photographic files, photographic portraiture has perhaps today more than ever become a true art form.  With the right photographer, having the skills and knowledge behind the lens and camera, and also having the expertise , knowledge and creativity to properly use the power of Photoshop, the professional photographer or artisan can enhance the digital capture to levels that will challenge the artistry of classical painters and sculptors of yesterday and today. 

A capture of the beautiful essence of Paula.

Portraits today remain the high mark in professional photography, in some cases commanding extremely high prices into the tens of thousands of dollars for a large artistic portrait by a Master Portraiture Photographer. 

The energy and power of the ever lovely and talented Maria Antonieta Collins. (C) 2009-10 bG. A. Fiad, Sr., & FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

In our culture and society of disposable everything, the portrait, perhaps more than anything we have, remains the last bastion of art for the everyday man and woman and the one heirloom and legacy that will live on for many years, decades and even generations showing not only the likeness of the person, but through the artist’s portrait, a capture of the essence of the person in the portrait, of his or her personality and charisma, and perhaps a tiny piece of their soul for all eternity to share.

This portrait of Annelise captures a unique view into her personality and who she really is in essence. Taken on location by her home.

As the owner and head photographer of FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, I am inviting you this December to celebrate with me the beauty and artistry, the timelessness and the legacy that a portrait can deliver, be it of a single person, a child, siblings together or an entire family with multiple generations in it.  Take advantage of our Studio’s talent and energy as we embark in offering from today through December 19, 2010, personalized mini portrait sessions designed to allow you and your family to have their portrait taken professionally and enhanced, then printed on Metallic or Lustre paper in life-sized rendition portraits to hang in your home or the home of your loved ones.  The most unique of gifts, a portrait will be appreciated this Holiday Season and again and again every Holiday Season for the rest of your lives. 

This studio Portrait of Natalie shows her inner as well as outer beauty in a relaxed pose with her shoes off. (C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

Please accept the invitation I have provided for you here for a very Special Holiday Portrait Session for you and/or your family to enjoy in 2010.  If booking a session between now and December 19, 2010, (most sessions last less than an hour), your 16″ x 20″, 20″ x 24,” 20″ x 30,” or 24″ x 30″ Portrait will be Guaranteed delivered to you before December 24, 2010.  This will make a beautiful Christmas gift for a loved one, or simply a wonderful rendition of the family to recall the ever-changing person that you and each of your family members are at this time in 2010.  I invite you to view the invitation above as well as to visit our website at www.fiadphotography.com for additional views of photographs that will become heirlooms throughout the years to come.  I also invite you to call me today and together let’s make your memories and tomorrows heirlooms today.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!


Nikole and Erik's wonderful engagement Portrait sessions shows the essence of what I have been discussing in this blog entry about portrait poses and their appeal. Check out these couple of samples. (C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

As a final Reminder, please call us at 305-785-3126, during these very busy next few days to schedule your mini Portrait Session either in studio, on Location, or in your home.  Call us as soon as possible as we are scheduling appointments on a first come, first serve basis from now through December 19, 2010.  These limited Portrait Sessions will have Guaranteed Delivery of their choice of a 16″ x 20,” 20″ x 24,” 20″ x 30,” or 24″ x 30,” Metallic, Lustre or Glossy Custom Signature Series Portrait from their Mini Portrait Session, in addition, the earlier sessions will also have the chance to order Custom made, Hand Stretched, Canvas Gallery Wrap Portraits in any size from 16″ x 20,” to 55″ x 65,” and even larger, if desired. 

In this capture, you can feel the intensity of the portrait and the beautiful moment shared between Nikki and Erik. (C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

We also will be able to produce the fabulous Acrylic Metallic Enlargements in the same variety of sizes for those booking early sessions.  Finally, if you book an extended session, you can also order with your Signature Series Portrait a custom hand-made Portraiture Album with the very best portraits from your session set in a handsome flush mounted album in sizes from 5″ x 7,” to 12″ x 12,” and with 10 to as many as 30 portraits included in the album.  The larger number of custom enhanced enlargements required for the albums makes it essential that you book your Portrait session as early as possible if you think you’d like to have an album with your Portrait order as a personal or family addition to your portrait, or as a gift for your family members. 

Erik says that he felt like he was living through his own rendition of the epic movie Titanic in this shot. He and Nikki will always remember the feeling each time they view this portrait, and others in the family will always have it as a reminder of the out going and loving personality of these very two special soul-mates. (C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

Remember to call us at 305-785-3126, 305-742-9654, or 305-270-6171, to schedule an appointment, or text us at 305-785-3126.  You can also email me at george@fiadphotography.com with your request.  We will get back to you within 24 hours at most.  Thank you and ENJOY the Holiday Spirit.   God Bless you all,  George.


~ by Fiad Photography on December 5, 2010.

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