The Little Princess Gets Crowned ISCH’s Home Coming Princess

The Little Princess Now ISCH's Princess

Last night my life long little Princess (that’s what I’ve always called her), Annelise Fiad, was chosen to be ISCH’s 2010 Home Coming Princess.  I had a heads up from my wife Delia that something was going on at school and that our little one was going to the Home Coming Game was no accident.  With this tidbit of knowledge, I grabbed my unwilling assistant, her big brother, Gregory, and armed him with my trusty Nikon D50 and its original 18-55mm kit lens.  I knew it would be inconspicuous, compared to a D300 with an 18-200mm kit lens and vertical grip, or even worse a D700, with the 28-105 f/2.8, which looks like a Bazooka or rocket launcher.  Greg was protesting when I handed him the D50 and kit lens, saying, you know it’s got a very limited ISO range so available light is probably out of the question, and the kit lens is such a short zoom lens (only 55mm on the long end), so what kind of photos do you expect me to get with it, he nagged.  I assured him that when push came to shove, the D50 and kit lens would deliver more than he anticipated with its larger pixels having only 6.1 megapixels in the sensor, and it’s incredibly fine tuned meter and on board circuitry, I knew it could be trusted to bring back the money shots.  The only thing Greg had to do was get in close and let the camera do it’s magic.  And that’s exactly what happened. 

D50 capture with available light at ISO 1100 and kit lens from the stands.

The well balance D50 kit with on board pop-up flash delivered great shots.

Greg eventually followed my pointers and moved in close enough to let the tiny on board pop-up flash fill in for the low light conditions, coupled with a decent ISO range (this camera is usually under-rated, capable of delivering great captures as high as ISO 1200 and higher with its large pixels), the camera keeps noise way below expectations for a six-year-old digital DSLR .  When Greg moved in close to capture the moments to remember, the D50 never hesitated to deliver.

2010 Crowned Princess and Prince

Not only was Greg able to capture these memorable moments to share with everyone in the family, but he did it with ease and without the need for bulk or massive equipment.  The D50 delivered on all cylinders. 

Another Great Capture by Gregory of Annelise's Happy Moment


A Wonderful Moment Captured by Gregory with the Nikon D50

While Delia and I were unable to be at the game last night and enjoy the moment, Gregory captured the moments for ever on my D50 and they were ready to share the moment they returned home.  I love Digital Captures.

Annelise Crowned Home Coming Princess

You can tell in her face, Annelise had a great time last night.

Another great capture by Greg with the D50 last night of his sister and friends.

This is a perfect example that it’s the eye behind the lens and the knowledge you have of your equipment that will make the difference.  You don’t need the latest and greatest to get a great shot if you know what you’re doing.  Thankfully, Gregory learned to take photographs on the D50 before he moved on to the D200, and then the D300 and D700.  Knowing your equipment like the back of your hand is essential whether photographing family members at an event, or a bride and groom at a wedding.  If you have to think about the equipment when you are taking the photograph, odds are you’ll miss the magic all together.  Knowledge is certainly key to beautiful photographs and lasting memories.

Beautiful photo of two beautiful young ladies.

Candids are easy when you don’t have to give a second thought to what it is you are doing.  This comes from knowing the equipment and its complete capabilities and how to use it properly.  Gregory proved that despite his earlier desire to take one of my D300’s with the vertical grip, an 18-200 mm VR lens and an SB-600 Speedlight for good measure, his knowledge, combined with a good basic piece of equipment where all that were necessary to get the job done.  Nice job Gregory.  Oh, and you too little Nikon D50.  I guess you did deserve being awarded 2005 Camera of the Year be Popular Photography and other magazines.

A Princess always has a smile on her face.


All of tonight’s memorable captures were taken by my son, and self proclaim “Photographer’s Caddy,”  Gregory Armand Fiad.  He has assisted me in many outdoor, on location sessions and as my “Photographer’s Caddy” on weddings.  He’s got a knack for photography.  Keep up the good work Greg, if nothing else, photography is a beautiful art and hobby that will serve you well your whole life, especially when you get all the expensive toys in the future as a Dentist.

A second in the viewfinder and forever on a canvas.

I guess ISCH players were having some fun tonight.    Go ISCH!    Go ISCH!

Yes! Go ISCH ! Go ISCH ! Getting down!

Thanks for the captures Gregory! 

CONGRATULATIONS Annelise on having been named ISCH’s 2010 Home Coming Princess.  You always have been and always will be my Little Princess.

(C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., George A. Fiad, Sr., & Gregory A. Fiad,  Miami, Florida,  U. S. A.


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