Up, Up, and Away with Juan and Suzie

Recently I had the pleasure of having a beautiful couple, Juan and Suzie, commission my studio to photograph their Engagement Session and their Wedding on 10-10-10.   Juan is a 737-400 jet airliner captain and commercial aircraft flight instructor, and Suzie works with computers and computer programs.  For their engagement session theme, they focused on three things, Juan’s job as Captain of a 737-400 jet airliner, Suzie’s computer, and the place they first met.  What developed from there was nothing short of SPECTACULAR! 

Juan arranged to gain unfettered access to a 737-400 which we used to capture these incredible photo images of Juan and Suzie.  Later, we went over to beautiful Coral Gables, where we took some very beautiful photographs of Juan and Suzie in some tender moments.  Then we jumped into Suzie’s career with computers at the De Soto fountain as we continued the themes we had set out to capture.  We ended the day at the place it all started out, the restaurant where they first met on Valentine’s Day. 

What a great theme and session we had for these engagement photographs.  They were so wonderful that we turned them into a Coffee Table Memory Album/Guest Book with 32 pages and even more photographs.  The wedding reception portrait they used came from our engagement session too.  The engagement session was shot about three weeks before the wedding (pretty short notice), but we pulled it off without incident.  What a spectacular engagement session day we all enjoyed. 

We had our run of a beautiful 737-400 aircraft that Juan flies for over three hours as we took literally hundreds of shots.  It was a once in a life-time session, so we took it to the max and used every technique we could muster to get these great shots, including using a radio controlled flash unit firing from the rear of the jet aircraft’s engine to produce the edged lighting coming through the jet engine in the finished photo where Suzie is sitting on the aircraft engine.  We also had to do some bracketed exposures on a tripod to get the balanced shots of the plane and sky as part of  the aircraft was out in the open air, with the tail was totally outside the hangar, part was inside the hanger, and the front nose of the aircraft fully in the shade.  The combination of bracketing and multi flash units made the shots possible. 

I teamed up with my favorite master photographer on this session, Frank Sanchez, and along with us was my studio intern Kristina Pino, and my daughter Annelise.  I actually have a photograph of Frank, flat our lying on the road, rifle shooting style, in the middle of busy Coral Way to take a shot. Lol!   Thank goodness there were three of us to keep an eye out for traffic as Frank took a stab at shooting Juan and Suzie walking down the middle of Coral Way.  And it worked beautifully.  We used it as a double spread in the book.

Suzie and Juan were so much fun to work with, we had more fun than should be allowed to photographers at a photo session.  They were up to anything we proposed and they did it with gusto and you could tell they enjoyed it too.  Suzie gave us all the attitude we asked for and then some, and Juan loved every minute of it.  Their outfits were fantastic, for the 737-400 shots, Juan was in full Captain’s uniform and Suzie looked spectacular in her blue dress, red accent jewelry and the coolest shoes.  She was also outrageous in her Captain’s Jacket and Hat.  Later, Juan changed into a more casual look with his Guayavera, and Suzie changed into a colorful pantsuit that gave her a lot of freedom of mobility which we used to our advantage later at the fountain. 

Even the lab that printed the book was interested in learning more about the session when they saw the files.  I had to order a duplicate of the book for the studio to keep as a sample, but of course!  

Well enough blabbing and check out the photographs for yourself below or on my website where I recently added them as samples of an engagement session.  Thank you Juan and Suzie for a most memorable engagement session. 

P.S.  The wedding was on 10-10-10. Once they get to preview the photos, we’ll place some on the blog, as they were also beautiful.  Suzie looked stunning, Juan was dashing, the entire wedding was beautiful and moving and we had Frank join in on the assignment, so yes, I have Frank’s signature on the floor photographs.  I have the photos to prove it too.  I think Frank spends about 50% of the time on the floor in one position or another.  Lol!  Just kidding Frank, but seriously, he gets down low often and gets some really great angles. Very Cool Dude!  ;-D


Jaun & Suzie

Juan & Suzie's Engagement Session Photos

Juan & Suzie Engagement Photos - Mia Int's Airport

Juan & Suzie’s Engagement Photo Session

Juan & Suzie by the 737-400

Juan & Suzie Engagement Photos with 737-400

Juan & Suzie's Engagement Session - Suzie on 737-400 engine.

Juan & Suzie's Engagement Photo Session

Suzie - Turns on the Attidude

Suzie & Juan - Tender Moments - Coral Gables, FL

Juan & Suzie on busy Coral Way - Check out lack of any cars or even a yellow line down Coral Way

Suzie & Juan - Engagement Photo Session - Coral Gables

Suzie & Juan - Engagement photos session- De Soto Fountain, Coral Gables

Juan & Suzie - Engagement Photo Session - First Date Location


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