It’s Been A Long Time Since Our Last Post. Take 2

Well friends, it’s been a very long time since I last posted any entries in our new Blog here at FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, but now we’ve turned our attention to the creation of a totally new and inspired website for our photo galleries and a renewed inspiration to keeping you informed with what our studio is up to on a regular basis with up to date highlights of our latest photo shoots, and sneak peaks at our events and Wedding photography, as well as Quinces, Portraiture and Commercial work commissioned to our studio.

We celebrate Eight months since our studio had it’s Gala Grand Opening at 9221 Sunset Drive, Miami, Florida 33173, on March 10, 2010, and today we are busier than ever with more events, Portraits, commercial assignments, and Wedding commissions than we anticipated would be the case during our initial year. I want to take a brief moment to thank many of those that helped this studio become a reality from a dream.

My highest regards are for my Digital Photography Mentor, Eduardo Latour, who took me under his wing when reluctantly and with much trepidation I did the transition from film to digital, only to discover the wide variety of options and capabilities that not only rival but challenged film to reach higher levels. With his aid and assistance I began learning all about Digital in 2003, and with his guidance and the attendance of numerous classes, seminars, and reading a ton of great books, I was able to reach the point where I felt confident enough to make the final decision to open our professional digital photographic studio in March 2010.  Ed, you have been a great friend and an awesome mentor.  I owe you big time, for all the knowledge that you have shared with me about digital photography, but also for the best vacation of my life, that was with Delia, you and your beautiful wife, Vivian, to Europe in 2005.  All I do is remember it and say to myself, WOW!   God Bless you both.

Instrumental in giving me that little extra nudge that I needed to get the wheels turning towards the Studio’s Gala Grand Opening were my good friends Titi Valenti, who always encouraged me to follow my artistic inner self, Eugene Gayol, who day in and day our wondered what I was waiting for to set up a studio and start creating magical memories, and Tatiana Robles, owner of WRevents, a wonderful, tireless Wedding Coordinator, who always puts 110% into all the events she has hosted and directed, to her I own a great debt of gratitude for getting me off the couch and to work on setting an actual Gala Grand Opening deadline which became a reality. I also want to thank my friends at Idigital Labs, Raul, and his entire staff for helping my studio out with our initial sample signature series enlargements in the many media and sizes that his lab makes available for professional photographers. Raul was instrumental in helping me get the computer files into actual prints, enlargements, canvas gallery wraps and acrylics many of which you can see today in my studio. Another individual I want to thank, for his help in getting my studio going and keeping me fired up as well as for his friendship and hospitality, and above all else, for he is a wonderful human being, Dale Farkus, from Dale Labs, who has no hesitations on helping to coordinate your proofs, samples, or the actual finished product and has an incredible eye for color correcting on the fly which I have never seen before in over 35 years in either film or digital printing.  He and his family and staff at Dale Labs are just the best and a fantastic group of individuals, they are a finely synchronized team to work with when enlargements are needed or even a flush mounted albums.  And Dale and his team will go to bat for you always, they will never let you down and produce stunning work that is both gallery and museum quality. 

I have no words for a man I have come to respect and love as a brother, he has shown me that the way you earn respect in this field is by helping others, teaching all you know, and never failing to respect those with whom you are associated with, work with, or simply shoot the breeze with.  I have learned more about Wedding Photography from him in the time I have known him than from any other course or seminar I have taken on the subject.  Thank you Frank Sanchez for being a spectacular individual, human being, Christian and a brother, besides being a great photographer.  I am eternally grateful for your assistance and cooperation, for always being their for me and my family, but most importantly for your undying loyalty and friendship. My hat’s off to you my friend for being a living example of what a true Christian friend should be, for that you are indeed.  You are now officially a member of the FIAD Family for life.  My greatest wish is that we can work together for many, many years on all manner of photographic projects.  It would be a great treat and a real Blessing to me.

I also want to thank our associated videographer and still photographer, Hugo Lucero, who has been there with me at the studio since our Gala Grand Opening and has never failed to be by our side whenever we need him to assist in his chosen specialization, shooting video movies of Weddings and all manner of events.  Hugo, your movies rock my friend.  Thank you for hanging out with us and being available to all our clientele, and always ready, willing and able to produce movies that will tell the story of that special day for a lifetime.

There are a number of other individuals that need to be mentioned either for their on going support and assistance or for their never waiving enthusiasm and support. You all know who you are, but in particular, I need to thank my sons, Jonathon Edward, and Gregory Armand, as well as my daughter Annelise, for being their for me.  My camera and lighting assistant and security guard, little sweet Annelise, will tackle a linebacker to protect our high end camera and lighting gear at any event.  You are sooooooo cute.  I love you!

Our newest team member cannot be overlooked, my intern and apprentice, Kristina Pino, who recently graduated from FIU and is a wonderful travel and still life photographer.  She has been making incredible headway in photographing couples and portraits in our studio and on location, not to mention always being my go to gal when there is a really cool shot to take while splattered on the floor or hanging from a ladder, or from pretty much any angle suggested. You’re going to grow up to be just like our dear friend, Frank, always on the floor, or hanging from a balcony to get that incredible shot, regardless of what happens to your cloths. You guys are Ninja photographers man, anything goes. Way cool.  q;-)

I finally want to thank the one person that has always and will always provide me with the much needed support to continue going forward with my passion, by life pal and day to day sounding board, my incredible, invincible, never give in, never throw in the towel, always ready to help, and will run you over with her SUV if you get in my way, my little sister, Yvonne.  You are an inspiration of a human being to emulate and hopefully learn from as to how to simply be the most loving and caring person on the planet.  I want to grow up to be just like you. Lol!  No seriously, when I do grow up, I want to be just like you. 

I also want to thank my inspirations, Leopold Alexander -always in my mind and heart-, Gregory Armand, George, Jr., Jonathon Edward and Annelise. Without you guys in my life, nothing would be as beautiful, smell as sweet, taste as good, or be as worth-while since you guys came into my life.

Of course there are others, but my memory is so bad with names that I am sometimes tempted to write down clients names on the palm of my hand so I will not forget when on a shoot.  It’s really that bad.  Seriously. No, for real people. It’s really bad.  But I love you all dearly and you know who you are, even if I occasionally forget your names.  I’d like to thank the often maligned but always sublime production and wholesale team at GraphiStudio of Italy and U. S. A.,  for producing great albums that my clients just can’t get enough of in my samples and in the final products you produce.  Also, you guys at, you rock, all of you.  You get things done faster than anyone else and it’s always perfect.  My hat’s off to you.  WOW!    If I forgot somebody, send me a reminder by email, remember to be kind and forgiving, and I will make sure to bring you up and thank you by name and brag all about you too in my next blog update very shortly.

I wanted to take a moment and provide a very special thank you to all the special beautiful smiles that make my days so rich and rewarding in photography, my clients. They come into my studio with doubts, fears and self-consciousness, but never fail to give me their warmest human moments and biggest smiles.  I’ll start showing you a few examples of what I’m talking about here in just a moment, and in my up coming blog posts.  You guys are what makes it fun and special for me.  I think our spirits link up for a few special moments when our sessions take place and we know what we need from each other.  You, my clients and friends, provide me with all the inspiration I need to search within me to muster the artistic qualities that are so necessary to put together with the technical applications of my trade to make photographs that become a frozen moment in time and masterpieces to behold time and again for years and years, decades, and even generations to come.  You are SPECIAL.  Thank you. I am indeed humbled and most grateful.

Well, we have been busy, busy, busy lately. No complaints from me, I love the stuff. I am most grateful for your faith in my work and your trust to commission me and my studio to capture and create art with some of the most precious and un-repeatable moments in your life.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you again.

And now, what you all have been waiting for, no, not more writing from me, but the meat in the blog, photo previews and samples of the most recent shoots and the interesting clients, locations, and situations that we have been involved in lately.

Let’s start with “Smiles.”  I love smiles, and some of the best smiles I’ve seen lately have come from a beautiful young lady that I was commissioned to photograph her Quinces Studio Portraits.  Take a look at these smiles.  Are these Beautiful or Beautiful? Definitely Beautiful!  And she can’t help it either, they come naturally to here without effort, as a matter of fact, it was almost impossible to get a serious or pensive look from her. But what was so great was how infectious her smile was because they come accompanied by laughter.  I’m talking about the lovely Ashley.

Check out these trailers to her up coming enlargement album soon to be completed together with her Signature Series Custom Portrait Enlargement, and a DVD Slide-Show I have had the pleasure of being commission to produce.  Enjoy!

Ashley finally gives in.
At last, the pensive moment, and it looks great!

Love this fashion look.

Ashley, trying to put on a straight face. Yeah Right!

The laughter was fantaistic and she was always ready for the next shot.

Ashley laughing and making everyone around her do the same.

Ashley's Intoxicating Smile and Laughter during our studio session

Ashley's Quinces Studio Session


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