South Florida, a natural backdrop for your Potraits and Wedding photography.

Miami, Florida, USA  March 3, 2010.


When it comes to the coolest back drops in the world for a wedding photograph there is no better place for a bride and groom photo opportunity than Miami.  Downtown Miami can serve as a great back drop with beautiful blue ocean bay waters and as in this example, many cloudless blue sky days.  In addition to Downtown Miami’s skyline as a back drop, the perfect year-round climate allows for photo ops in locations like South Beach and Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Vizcaya and other local scenic areas that are second to none.  New York has its sky scrapers and the city life, as well as the Hudson, and upstate scenic areas, and D.C. is filled to the brim with scenic monuments and beautiful parks and public places.  San Francisco is beautiful and the rolling hills and trolleys are of undeniable attention, as is the near by Nappa Valley region.  Seattle has a skyline and city unlike others and its majestic backdrops of thunderous mountains cannot be emulated.  However, we have for too long overlooked the natural beauty and the man-made additions that make Miami and its surrounding areas a unique and beautiful places to plan a destination wedding.  Spending a day photographing a playful bride and groom in South Florida is great and the results will be outstanding and cherished by the lucky couple for a lifetime.  

Below is a photo taken from across the bay with the beautiful blue bay waters and downtown Miami as the backdrop for this gorgeous couple.

Below is a beautiful example of a shot taken at an outdoor chocolate cafe in Coral Gables, a city that has earned its nick name, “the City Beautiful”  in numerous newspaper and magazine articles and writings.  Coral Gables is abundant with perfect locations to photograph on your wedding day.  With some of the most beautiful Churches in South Florida, spectacular old Spanish architecture, and luscious landscapes, it is no wonder that photographs taken in Coral Gables are easily some of the nicest you can have.  Try being adventurous and allowing yourself the indulgence of taking a few moments out to engage in some of the simpler things like a cup of Java and a chocolate delight in an outdoor setting on the streets of Coral Gables, or perhaps a simple moment by one of the many fountains or luscious landscaped areas in the City Beautiful.  You won’t be disappointed. 

The landscape and luscious green areas and streets around Coral Gables make it a picturesque place to photograph year-round.  One of the most coveted locations to photograph in Coral Gables is on its Northwest entrance to the City at Avenida del Prado.  You may have to spend a couple of minutes waiting for one of the local professional photographers to finish shooting his bride, groom or “Quinceanera.” 



~ by Fiad Photography on March 4, 2010.

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