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George A. Fiad, Sr.


A New World for Quality Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Music, and Dramatic Performances is Evolving out of the Newest DSLRs

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A new Nikon D4 DSLR produces exceptionally high quality still and HD 1080 video images with superb sound. This is just one is a field of new super high quality DSLR from several manufacturers that allow entry into the semi and professional levels of capture for one tenth what it used to cost.  It's a whole new world of high end digital technology for the artists to explore.

A new Nikon D4 DSLR produces exceptionally high quality still and HD 1080 video images with superb sound. This is just one is a field of new super high quality DSLR from several manufacturers that allow entry into the semi and professional levels of capture for one tenth what it used to cost. It’s a whole new world of high end digital technology for the artists to explore.

It’s always a joy to view a quality photographic or modern short video clip that inspires or amazes you with technical quality, proficiency and artistic character. It the world we now live in there is no need to wait to get an opportunity to see the latest artist’s show, or museum presentations. The Internet provides us a glimpse into the personal galleries and presentations of almost all of the worlds artists, both professional and amateur, famous and unknown. What a great place for lovers of art, photography, videography and cinematography.

Recently I’ve been very impressed by both the professional quality and creativity allowed to all with the recent development of DSLR video capabilities from many of the great camera manufacturers, particularly Canon, and to a lesser extent Nikon and the others. Now it has become possible for people with the artistic and creative flair to produce incredible short video clips and short films on a budget unheard of before today. In the past entry into this elite field meant spending upwards of $50,000 to have a descent quality camera, some prime lens, and good quality sound (and I am certain this amount is way short of realistic). Today’s artists and creator can enter the field with under Five thousand dollars and achieve similar if not identical results. A drop 10 fold drop in entry investment. And the same or more is true in the area of post capture production. Many of the professional quality Sony and other brands of video editing equipment have been simulated and even surpassed by the advent of powerful personal computers from both the OS and MS worlds. In short what might have required at least $250,000 to produce from start to finish (not taking into account manpower hours or artistic value), can now be duplicated at less than one twenty-fifth of the price. Wow! Indeed the world is a new place for creative artists, photographers, videographer and cinematographers. There has also been created in this new world the ability for new and fledging artists in many other fields like music, acting and writing to enter with greater ease. With every advantage there are accompany disadvantages, but that discussion is way beyond the scope of this post.

Surface it to say that those who would pursue their artistic endeavors with a passion today can produce materials and products that were not possible even a decade ago without very deep pockets. This part of the equation is very positive, and below are some examples I have recently seen that caught my eye for their creativity, quality, and professionalism in the art of photography, videography, cinematography, music, editing, lighting and sound.

In less than ten minutes, these will provide your eyes, ears, and hearts with a vast array of human emotions.

please remember that I am sharing with you the copyrighted work of others that are trying to have as many people view their work as possible by publicly posting these links on sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. I am not a collaborator in any way to these fine works nor am I here trying to infringe on their copyrights. Just spreading the good vibes.

High quality cinematography taken with an inexpensive DSLR. The photography within the video is superb. Capture is inspirational, and the editing is magnificent. Brilliantly done piece. A must see.
Check it out here:

This little one minute video was shot with a 5DMII and a 100mm macro lens. That’s it. The photography, sound and editing are superb.
Check it out here:

This 4 minute music video was is well done that the music dissolves into the background for a superb short film with great directing, superb performances, excellent photography and lighting, and perfect editing. It’s a winner worth a gander.
Check it out here:

In this one and a half minute experiment in photography and study in light, the creators has been able to capture incredible scenes using a laser. The editing is superb.
Check it out here:

These were my favorites for this week.


New DSLRs allow for remarkable capture and a new level of quality for both the professional and amateur artists.

New DSLRs allow for remarkable capture and a new level of quality for both the professional and amateur artists.

The casual suicidal thought (and how to talk yourself out of it). Suicide Prevention Week

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As the father of a beautiful baby boy who followed through on his thoughts at the age of twenty, I personally lived through the devastation that is eloquently explained by Christopher Banks in his blog which I found accidentally during suicide prevention week. I share it here with you in an effort to try to dissuade anyone from doing such incredible harm to themselves, those they love, and even countless others they have yet to meet. You have way so much to give to this world, more than you think you do, and you mean way so much more to others in this world than you imagine you do. Don’t ever use a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Consider this, there is much wrong with this world that perhaps only you can help to fix. You are needed and loved by many, whether you realize it or not. Classical virtuoso, jazz and pop pianist, drummer, guitarist,composer, song writer, singer, performer, and beloved son and friend to all. 7/21/1986 - 11/07/2006 LEOPOLD ALEXANDER FIAD (7/21/86 – 11/07/06) Classical virtuoso, jazz and pop pianist, drummer, guitarist, composer, song writer, singer, performer, and beloved son, brother and friend to all.

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The Wedding of Juan Pablo Nunez and Suzette Virginia Diaz, 10/10/10

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When we first met Suzie and Juan we thought they were a real nice couple.  Then we shot their engagement photos (check them out on our blog entry “Up, Up, and Away with Juan and Suzie”), and we really got to know Juan and Suzie.  These guys know how to fly high (pun intended). LOL!  As the captain of a 737-400 commercial jet liner, often flying around the Miami Heat Basketball Team, no less, Juan is by definition a cool cat; but put him together with Suzie, and you have the makings of a super cool couple and the potential for the best time you’ve ever had photographing people. 
Well that was then and now we have new fun things to report.  Juan and Suzie were married on Saturday, October 10, 2010, at the Coral Gables Presbyterian Church, located on the corner of University Drive, Granada Blvd., and Bird Road, in Coral Gables, Florida, a very beautiful church I must add; and later celebrated their Wedding reception at the Coral Gables Women’s Club in Coral Gables.  And what more can I say about Juan and Suzie?  They were true to form as you’ll see in their photos (we posted my favorites here). 

Juan, our Groom, getting groomed at Razzle Dazzle in Coral Gables, Florida. 10/10/10

Juan Started out the day with a close shave at Razzle Dazzle in Coral Gables, a 1940’s style Barber Shop that has everything going for it, especially the “Sugar” (you’ll have to visit the place and tell them George sent you to find out about the “Sugar” guys).  I usually suggest the Barber shop as a perfect way to start getting ready for the big day to the grooms.  It’s the perfect was to chill out for a while, calm the nerves, so far, never had a complaint.  Juan proved no different and he was a cool cat, even in the barber’s chair, with his shades on.

Cool Shades Juan, as you enjoy a hot towel.

 Suzie was gracious, stunningly beautiful and so peaceful.  She’s the perfect bride.  Suzie, you should consider having “Brides-To-Be” seminars on “How to Always Keep Your Composure, Do All Your Planning, Get Everything Done Perfectly Right and Have Fun At It While Doing It.”  You’ll make a fortune at it, trust me, and photographers and all other vendors will love you for it too.  NO MORE BRIDEZILLAS!  This is because that is exactly what you did. 

Suzie's hair and makeup pre-wedding at her home.

You were a dream to hang out with on your wedding day for your pre-wedding session.  Your poise and personality shone like a search light. 

Suzie with her Flower Girl and Ring Boy on the day of her Wedding

What a wonderful time we had photographing you both at home and later in the Rolls and at the church, in the streets of Coral Gables and at your reception. 

Suzie with her Bride's Maids.

Each one separately are a joy to hang out with and photographing them is even more fun; but put them together and you have just raised the equation exponentially.  Here is one time that 1 plus 1 do not equal 2, but rather a solid 10.  Together they are a riot.  They were emotional and touching, generous, thoughtful, kind, loving, like kids in a candy store fun. 
If this is any sign of how the two of you carry on during the marriage, I will be seeking your counsel my friends.  Anyhow, enough with the chit chat, photos say a thousand words and they do it better too.
Thank you Juan and Suzie for being the great folks that you are and the spectacular couple that you have become.  May God always bless your marriage and may you be a blessing to others as much as you have been to us.   Enjoy!
George A. Fiad, Sr.

Suzie and Mom, arriving at the ChurchThe Wedding of Juan and Suzie, 10/10/10


Juan Pablo Nunez and Suzette Virginia Diaz 10/10/10


Juan and Suzie 10/10/10


Juan and Suzie, 10/10/10


A toast in front of the Church after the ceremomy. Suzie and Juan, 10/10/10


Suzie and Juan, 10/10/10


Juan and Suzie, Coral Gables, FL 10/10/10


Juan and Suzie, Coral Gables, FL 10/10/10


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 Simply beautiful guys.   
Oh! Wait.  I almost forgot my favorite shot! 

Suzie, I have to admit, your wild side is so much fun! Coral Gables, FL 10/10/10

 No, really Suzie is the quiet one of the pair. 
Love you guys!
 All Photographs and copy are (C) by George A. Fiad, Sr., &
Miami, Florida  33173, United States

A Portrait Gift Keeps on Giving Forever.

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By George A. Fiad, Sr., Miami, Florida 12-3-2010.

FIRST:  A personal Invitation to all my friends, family and clientele, past, present and future. 

An invitation from FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY to enjoy the wonders of a Professional Portrait for yourself and your family this Holiday Season.


A “Portrait” is not a simple snap shot taken with your camera of a person or a group of persons.  A real portraits is a painting, a photograph or a sculpture which renders an artistic representation of the person who is the subject of the portrait.  In a real portrait, the face and its expression is predominant with the artist’s intention being to display the likeness, personality and even the mood of the subject or subjects.  A photographic portrait is a carefully composed image of a person in a still position and often shows the subject looking or facing directly at the camera, thereby engaging you with the  subject through  the lens and camera and therefore rendering to the viewer a true rendition of who really is the subject of the portrait.

Portraits are designed to transcend and travel through time.  The  oldest

A portrait of the Fiad twins during their First Birthday last month.

known portrait, discovered in 2006 in the  Vilhonneur grotto near Angoulême and is thought to be 27,000 years old.  Indeed, most portraits become family heirlooms with the likeness and personality of the family member no longer with us captured for all time.  Portrait Photography is the greatest legacy one can leave one’s loved ones and the greatest treasure a family can have to rediscover and get to know those that are no longer with us. 

The essence of Leopold Alexander Fiad (July 21,1986 - November 7, 2006), clearly visible in this ad hoc, on location, portrait, shot on campus of the University of Miami in July 2006.

For the obvious reasons stated above, and the fact that a photographic portraiture may be the closest thing many of us will ever come to having our likeness and personally immortally preserved for generations to come, much like the artist’s paintings, requires us to take notice of who the artist behind the camera is that will be taking your portrait and how a professionally made photographic portrait can become your own home’s centerpiece work of art, worth more than any other item in the home in terms of sentimental value, esthetic beauty and true capture of the essence of the subject of the portrait through the eyes of the professional photographer.  Like many of the great artist through time, the portrait photographer literally uses light to paint the canvas we know as either the film negative or digital file.  In fact with today’s digital captures, and the use of Adobe’s Photoshop, a benchmark in the highest capabilities for manipulation of digital photographic files, photographic portraiture has perhaps today more than ever become a true art form.  With the right photographer, having the skills and knowledge behind the lens and camera, and also having the expertise , knowledge and creativity to properly use the power of Photoshop, the professional photographer or artisan can enhance the digital capture to levels that will challenge the artistry of classical painters and sculptors of yesterday and today. 

A capture of the beautiful essence of Paula.

Portraits today remain the high mark in professional photography, in some cases commanding extremely high prices into the tens of thousands of dollars for a large artistic portrait by a Master Portraiture Photographer. 

The energy and power of the ever lovely and talented Maria Antonieta Collins. (C) 2009-10 bG. A. Fiad, Sr., & FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

In our culture and society of disposable everything, the portrait, perhaps more than anything we have, remains the last bastion of art for the everyday man and woman and the one heirloom and legacy that will live on for many years, decades and even generations showing not only the likeness of the person, but through the artist’s portrait, a capture of the essence of the person in the portrait, of his or her personality and charisma, and perhaps a tiny piece of their soul for all eternity to share.

This portrait of Annelise captures a unique view into her personality and who she really is in essence. Taken on location by her home.

As the owner and head photographer of FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, I am inviting you this December to celebrate with me the beauty and artistry, the timelessness and the legacy that a portrait can deliver, be it of a single person, a child, siblings together or an entire family with multiple generations in it.  Take advantage of our Studio’s talent and energy as we embark in offering from today through December 19, 2010, personalized mini portrait sessions designed to allow you and your family to have their portrait taken professionally and enhanced, then printed on Metallic or Lustre paper in life-sized rendition portraits to hang in your home or the home of your loved ones.  The most unique of gifts, a portrait will be appreciated this Holiday Season and again and again every Holiday Season for the rest of your lives. 

This studio Portrait of Natalie shows her inner as well as outer beauty in a relaxed pose with her shoes off. (C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

Please accept the invitation I have provided for you here for a very Special Holiday Portrait Session for you and/or your family to enjoy in 2010.  If booking a session between now and December 19, 2010, (most sessions last less than an hour), your 16″ x 20″, 20″ x 24,” 20″ x 30,” or 24″ x 30″ Portrait will be Guaranteed delivered to you before December 24, 2010.  This will make a beautiful Christmas gift for a loved one, or simply a wonderful rendition of the family to recall the ever-changing person that you and each of your family members are at this time in 2010.  I invite you to view the invitation above as well as to visit our website at for additional views of photographs that will become heirlooms throughout the years to come.  I also invite you to call me today and together let’s make your memories and tomorrows heirlooms today.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!


Nikole and Erik's wonderful engagement Portrait sessions shows the essence of what I have been discussing in this blog entry about portrait poses and their appeal. Check out these couple of samples. (C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

As a final Reminder, please call us at 305-785-3126, during these very busy next few days to schedule your mini Portrait Session either in studio, on Location, or in your home.  Call us as soon as possible as we are scheduling appointments on a first come, first serve basis from now through December 19, 2010.  These limited Portrait Sessions will have Guaranteed Delivery of their choice of a 16″ x 20,” 20″ x 24,” 20″ x 30,” or 24″ x 30,” Metallic, Lustre or Glossy Custom Signature Series Portrait from their Mini Portrait Session, in addition, the earlier sessions will also have the chance to order Custom made, Hand Stretched, Canvas Gallery Wrap Portraits in any size from 16″ x 20,” to 55″ x 65,” and even larger, if desired. 

In this capture, you can feel the intensity of the portrait and the beautiful moment shared between Nikki and Erik. (C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

We also will be able to produce the fabulous Acrylic Metallic Enlargements in the same variety of sizes for those booking early sessions.  Finally, if you book an extended session, you can also order with your Signature Series Portrait a custom hand-made Portraiture Album with the very best portraits from your session set in a handsome flush mounted album in sizes from 5″ x 7,” to 12″ x 12,” and with 10 to as many as 30 portraits included in the album.  The larger number of custom enhanced enlargements required for the albums makes it essential that you book your Portrait session as early as possible if you think you’d like to have an album with your Portrait order as a personal or family addition to your portrait, or as a gift for your family members. 

Erik says that he felt like he was living through his own rendition of the epic movie Titanic in this shot. He and Nikki will always remember the feeling each time they view this portrait, and others in the family will always have it as a reminder of the out going and loving personality of these very two special soul-mates. (C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., All Rights Reserved.

Remember to call us at 305-785-3126, 305-742-9654, or 305-270-6171, to schedule an appointment, or text us at 305-785-3126.  You can also email me at with your request.  We will get back to you within 24 hours at most.  Thank you and ENJOY the Holiday Spirit.   God Bless you all,  George.

The Little Princess Gets Crowned ISCH’s Home Coming Princess

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The Little Princess Now ISCH's Princess

Last night my life long little Princess (that’s what I’ve always called her), Annelise Fiad, was chosen to be ISCH’s 2010 Home Coming Princess.  I had a heads up from my wife Delia that something was going on at school and that our little one was going to the Home Coming Game was no accident.  With this tidbit of knowledge, I grabbed my unwilling assistant, her big brother, Gregory, and armed him with my trusty Nikon D50 and its original 18-55mm kit lens.  I knew it would be inconspicuous, compared to a D300 with an 18-200mm kit lens and vertical grip, or even worse a D700, with the 28-105 f/2.8, which looks like a Bazooka or rocket launcher.  Greg was protesting when I handed him the D50 and kit lens, saying, you know it’s got a very limited ISO range so available light is probably out of the question, and the kit lens is such a short zoom lens (only 55mm on the long end), so what kind of photos do you expect me to get with it, he nagged.  I assured him that when push came to shove, the D50 and kit lens would deliver more than he anticipated with its larger pixels having only 6.1 megapixels in the sensor, and it’s incredibly fine tuned meter and on board circuitry, I knew it could be trusted to bring back the money shots.  The only thing Greg had to do was get in close and let the camera do it’s magic.  And that’s exactly what happened. 

D50 capture with available light at ISO 1100 and kit lens from the stands.

The well balance D50 kit with on board pop-up flash delivered great shots.

Greg eventually followed my pointers and moved in close enough to let the tiny on board pop-up flash fill in for the low light conditions, coupled with a decent ISO range (this camera is usually under-rated, capable of delivering great captures as high as ISO 1200 and higher with its large pixels), the camera keeps noise way below expectations for a six-year-old digital DSLR .  When Greg moved in close to capture the moments to remember, the D50 never hesitated to deliver.

2010 Crowned Princess and Prince

Not only was Greg able to capture these memorable moments to share with everyone in the family, but he did it with ease and without the need for bulk or massive equipment.  The D50 delivered on all cylinders. 

Another Great Capture by Gregory of Annelise's Happy Moment


A Wonderful Moment Captured by Gregory with the Nikon D50

While Delia and I were unable to be at the game last night and enjoy the moment, Gregory captured the moments for ever on my D50 and they were ready to share the moment they returned home.  I love Digital Captures.

Annelise Crowned Home Coming Princess

You can tell in her face, Annelise had a great time last night.

Another great capture by Greg with the D50 last night of his sister and friends.

This is a perfect example that it’s the eye behind the lens and the knowledge you have of your equipment that will make the difference.  You don’t need the latest and greatest to get a great shot if you know what you’re doing.  Thankfully, Gregory learned to take photographs on the D50 before he moved on to the D200, and then the D300 and D700.  Knowing your equipment like the back of your hand is essential whether photographing family members at an event, or a bride and groom at a wedding.  If you have to think about the equipment when you are taking the photograph, odds are you’ll miss the magic all together.  Knowledge is certainly key to beautiful photographs and lasting memories.

Beautiful photo of two beautiful young ladies.

Candids are easy when you don’t have to give a second thought to what it is you are doing.  This comes from knowing the equipment and its complete capabilities and how to use it properly.  Gregory proved that despite his earlier desire to take one of my D300’s with the vertical grip, an 18-200 mm VR lens and an SB-600 Speedlight for good measure, his knowledge, combined with a good basic piece of equipment where all that were necessary to get the job done.  Nice job Gregory.  Oh, and you too little Nikon D50.  I guess you did deserve being awarded 2005 Camera of the Year be Popular Photography and other magazines.

A Princess always has a smile on her face.


All of tonight’s memorable captures were taken by my son, and self proclaim “Photographer’s Caddy,”  Gregory Armand Fiad.  He has assisted me in many outdoor, on location sessions and as my “Photographer’s Caddy” on weddings.  He’s got a knack for photography.  Keep up the good work Greg, if nothing else, photography is a beautiful art and hobby that will serve you well your whole life, especially when you get all the expensive toys in the future as a Dentist.

A second in the viewfinder and forever on a canvas.

I guess ISCH players were having some fun tonight.    Go ISCH!    Go ISCH!

Yes! Go ISCH ! Go ISCH ! Getting down!

Thanks for the captures Gregory! 

CONGRATULATIONS Annelise on having been named ISCH’s 2010 Home Coming Princess.  You always have been and always will be my Little Princess.

(C) 2010 by FIAD PHOTOGRAPHY, INC., George A. Fiad, Sr., & Gregory A. Fiad,  Miami, Florida,  U. S. A.